Dear Tom w/ Fireside,
I enjoyed talking with you and your wife at the event last Sunday! I definitely look forward for you to look at our chimney and fireplace to help us with the masonry work and installing a liner. You were given such rave reviews by Meg & Marybeth from the Beacon Home Team of Keller Williams and that goes a long way with me and others!

I entered your over generous contribution of an XL Big Green Egg to their event that I honestly thought that I could not possibly win. I mean everyone was dropping their tickets into your Egg. It was the Grand Prize of the whole event! I was so excited about it, that I sent a text w/ photo of the Green Egg home to my hubby and I said look what I just entered! He said, “Wow, I would love to have that”! All of the drawings were complete and I hadn’t won any of the ones that I entered and I held up your ticket and said the Green Egg is mine. LOL, When you actually called every single number on my ticket, I was in SHOCK! I mean, I was speechless – which is rare for me – It was an UNREAL day! My hubby came to pick it up immediately. THANK YOU for providing such a Great Gift! We are over the moon happy! Talk to you soon!
Karen Nieman

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